Reason Rally Irony

Forgive me for enjoying some irony. Before the Reason Rally, the True Reason group I’ve been co-leading was told  repeatedly, “Don’t come! Don’t spoil our fun! Don’t crash our party!” David Silverman, the lead organizer for the rally, told us that if we “interfered” we would be escorted away by “plentiful” security. And now on […]

Personal, Not Protest Group

In case you see news to the contrary, the “True Reason” group with which I am connected did not show up with signs and did no street preaching. This, for example, was not our group.  I had no interactions with them myself. Without judging them in their motives or intentions, we thought it much more […]

Reason Rally Organizer To Reasoning Christians: We Want No Dialogue

On March 12 I wrote an email to David Silverman, president of American Atheists. It was a message from the leader of one organization to another, on behalf of both our organizations. I introduced myself as a leader of the True Reason initiative, which I described to him as “bringing Christians to the Reason Rally […]

The Reason Rally’s Brilliant Strategic Maneuver

I’ve got to hand it to those Reason Rally organizers.[1. It has come to my attention that the National Atheist Party, which invited Westboro, may not be one of the “organizers.” That means the leaders of the Rally may have to credit them for this brilliant strategy.] I’m a strategist, but I have never come […]