Morality and Human Nature: Why Atheists Get It Right and Wrong (Part 2)

Atheists who believe it’s good to maximize human well-being cannot support that position with evidences or with reason, but only with prejudice and sentiment. In today’s post, the continuation of a topic I started two days ago on morality and human nature, I will try to explain and defend my reasons for saying so. I’ll […]

The Bastion of Reason

Quoted in David Feddes, Missional Apologetics: Cultural Diagnosis and Gospel Plausibility in C.S. Lewis and Leslie Newbigin: Newbigin thought that it might be “the greatest task of the church of the twenty-first century to be the bastion of reason in a world of unreason…. Definitely. Hence True Reason: Christian Responses to the Challenge of Atheism.

An Atheist’s Reading of True Reason

Mike D, the “A-Unicornist,” is reading True Reason: Christian Responses to the Challenge of Atheism. I say, more power to him. We could all stand to spend time reading authors we disagree with. He’s taking it a chapter at a time and giving it a respectful reading, which I also appreciate. His first evaluative comment […]

How Deeply Atheism Can Corrupt Rationality

Jerry Coyne, the University of Chicago biologist, is nothing if not dependable. When he takes religion to task for errors in thinking, you can always count on him demonstrating difficulties with rationality. Most recently he was upbraiding Father Alexander Lucie-Smith for writing in the Catholic Herald. He quotes Fr. Lucie-Smith: Here is a saying that […]

Unreasoning Internet Atheism

Atheist Internet blogging is famous for episodes like DevientGenie's here and here. Examples could be multiplied endlessly (think Pharyngula, for example). There is no semblance of reasoned discourse, no real engagement with others' ideas, no invitation to real dialogue. I've edited a book about this—True Reason: Christian Responses to the Atheist Challenge—yet still it amazes […]