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Apologetics In Your Teaching: How to Handle the Hot Questions Without Getting Sidetracked

Teachers, we have got to address our people’s questions, but how can we do it without getting sidetracked? ...

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Apologetics In Your Teaching: Start With the Questions That Matter

Fourth in a series on “How to Use Apologetics In Your Teaching Without Scaring Anyone Away.” If you ...

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“It’s In the Bible, So Believe It!” Won’t Help Youth At All

I’m on my way to Little Rock for an interview with FamilyLife about my book Critical Conversations: A ...

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An Open Letter Of Hope To Gregory Magarshak, Man of Many Questions

Greetings, Gregory! It’s been more than five years since you were on this blog, so when I met ...

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Stay, Listen, and Understand; Or Leave and Be Left Wondering

In my last post I explored data revealing Jesus’ surprising penchant for leaving people wondering. I’ll continue today ...

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Because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will leave you wondering

Because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will leave you wondering. Those are not the words ...

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Five Reasons Churches Need More Unanswered Questions

This has the potential to get pastors fired for following Jesus’ example. It will confuse anyone who sees ...

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When You Don’t Know the Answers

Friday Parent Focus* Last time in this series I encouraged you to talk with your kids about faith, ...

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Talk To Your Kids About Faith

Do you talk to your kids about faith? It can do them a world of good. Based on ...

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