Stay, Listen, and Understand; Or Leave and Be Left Wondering

In my last post I explored data revealing Jesus’ surprising penchant for leaving people wondering. I’ll continue today with another revealing chart from the same study of the Gospels: The abbreviations in the legend stand for the Pre- and Post-Transfiguration periods in Jesus’ ministry. These are followed by the Passion Week (including the Crucifixion), and the […]

Five Reasons Churches Need More Unanswered Questions

This has the potential to get pastors fired for following Jesus’ example. It will confuse anyone who sees me as a Christian apologist, and apologetics as being in the business of giving answers. The fact is I believe we need more unanswered questions. Pastors in particular need to leave more questions unanswered. There are (at […]

When You Don’t Know the Answers

Friday Parent Focus* Last time in this series I encouraged you to talk with your kids about faith, and especially to help them to open up with their questions. But what do you do when you don't know the answers? It's not so bad. Really: if your son or daughter asks a tough question and […]

Talk To Your Kids About Faith

Do you talk to your kids about faith? It can do them a world of good. Based on research from the Search Institute, though, you’re an unusual parent if you do. This group found, [in a] nationwide study of 11,000 teenagers from 561 congregations across six denominations, 12 percent of youth have a regular dialogue […]

Respecting the Questions

“Tell me again what you meant by that, when you said something about ‘respecting the questions’?”  I was talking with someone over breakfast recently — I can’t be more specific than that, since there were others involved — and he was telling me about a family that had shut down their teenaged son’s question about […]

Let the Questions Roll!

Children love to ask questions. Teenagers' questions can be disturbing: “Is this church thing for real?” “Why do I have to obey your rules?” “I'm not sure I believe in God anymore.” Even more disturbing might be the questions they keep to themselves. Jesus encouraged questions. They were a major part of his ministry. They're […]