Tweet It, Facebook It, Most of All Pray It!

Spread the word. Blog it, tweet, Facebook it, but most of all pray: Pray for nuclear safety in Japan. Consider fasting. As you do, pray for the rest of the pain Japan is only beginning to experience, and for God’s work in hearts there and worldwide. Join me and my family in giving toward relief […]

Hearts and Bodies Healed in Rwanda

This morning I had the rare privilege of sharing breakfast with a pastor from Rwanda, a man who has seen and known God at work in ways I have never known. In the past I’ve written about Catherine Claire Larson’s book, As We Forgive: Stories of Reconciliation from Rwanda. In it she tells story after […]

College Students Suspended for Praying: Case Settled, Questions Remain

Religious freedom under assault: The Peralta Community College District has settled a federal lawsuit over its punishment of two College of Alameda students who were praying on campus. The four-college district will pay $90,000 in legal fees to students Kandy Kyriacou and Ojoma Omaga, who were threatened with suspension after they prayed in class and […]

Wishes or Prayers

An atheist who goes by the nom de blog “ylooshi” raised this question about my pre-Christmas post on Wishing and Celebrating: Then it occurred to be, even before I left the paragraph above, that if you replace “wish” for “prayer,” you really haven’t changed the criticism…. The author both criticizes ineffectual wishing the world was […]

On Prayer

In response to this comment and those preceding: I am sure there is much manipulative prayer prayed by Christians. I am equally certain there is no truly Christian manipulative prayer. The difference is in “Not my will but thine be done.” Prayer is as much a searching for God’s perfect, good, and wise will as […]