John Loftus’s Bad Reasons for Not Going To Church, and a Few Good Ones For Going

John Loftus, the affable hat-wearing atheist who loves to poke quasi-informed fun at Christians, posted this on Facebook yesterday: Except for extremely rare circumstance I don’t go to church. For one thing, I don’t need to be reminded to be good. For another, I find a deity who commands people to worship him egocentric, regardless of […]

Legal Rights or Not, There’s Something Wrong When Satanists and Atheists Come to Pray at Governmental Meetings

Yesterday Rachel Alexander, a colleague of mine at The Stream, published an article about Satanists and atheists seeking to pray at governmental meetings: It was a pick-your-poison strategy: Either accept the Satanist prayer or strip regular prayers from the meetings altogether, one of [the Satanists’ spokespersons] explained to The New York Daily News. “We got […]

Don’t Pray for Patience

There’s a common saying among Christians: “Don’t pray for God to teach you patience–you won’t like what he’ll put you through to learn it!” I don’t think much of that saying. It makes God look like a nasty schoolmaster, for one thing. It’s also the wrong reason. That is, I agree with the advice, “Don’t […]

Monday Student Question: Why Pray?

Tony asked a while back, why pray? There was more to his question, of course. Here’s the meat of it. He sees and knows all, including what is in our hearts. Given this fact that “you can’t fool God”, I wonder why Christians find it necessary to pray in the first place. Does not God […]


We just moved away from the U.S. east coast a few months ago. We have a lot of friends there. We’re praying for you all in this storm, and for everyone up and down the coast.

If You’ve Ever Experienced Pain…

Of course you’ve experienced pain. We all have. Today a good friend of mine, Yvonne Ortega, tells Dr. James Dobson her story of trusting the Lord and seeking God’s glory as she journeyed through cancer, and (later on) the death of four close family members in one year. You’ll hear her genuineness as she speaks. […]

Stenger Should Stick To Physics

Victor Stenger, atheist physicist, emeritus professor at the University of Hawaii, writes in New Scientist of why scientists ought to stick to their own competencies. Well, no, he doesn’t say that in so many words, in fact he tries to say the opposite, that science can judge against the existence of God. He tries, but […]

Is It Rational to Believe in Spiritual Battle? (Part 2)

This entry is part 2 of 4 in the series Spiritual Battle Polls consistently show that most Americans believe in the existence of a devil. (Though I haven’t checked, I expect that number would be lower in other Western countries.) Belief in a devil is less frequent than belief in a God, and less respectable […]