25 Truths Essential To Restoring Our Freedoms

Happy Independence Day! Today, more than any Independence Day in my lifetime, is a day for thinking about what it will take for us to restore our freedoms in America. Freedom for some is being able to do what one wants. Better thinkers — including America’s Founders — have seen it rather as the freedom to do what […]

Why Religious Freedom Matters

Religious liberty is under attack, not only from Federal mandates to violate doctrine and conscience, but also from a more intentional philosophical perspective. Ryan Anderson of editor of Public Discourse, recently reviewed Brian Leiter’s Why Tolerate Religion? I do not expect to have time to read Leiter’s book, though I suppose I may have to […]

“Hate the Sin, Love the Sinner”

Difficult? Or Impossible? Years ago I was in an undergraduate social psychology lecture at the University of Central Florida. The professor, speaking of attitudes toward homosexuality, told us, “Christians say they can ‘hate the sin but love the sinner,’ but I think that’s pretty hard.” By his non-verbals it was clear that he meant is […]

Gay “Marriage,” Civil Rights, Power, and Principle

Even a democracy can undermine freedom and foster the unethical rule of power. America’s founders saw this, and placed in our Constitution a Bill of Rights to preserve civil rights and protect us all from the tyranny of the majority. Gay “marriage” is often regarded as a civil rights issue deserving that constitutional protection. And […]