It Must Be Christmas: I Agree With Jerry Coyne!

I’ve been quite critical of University of Chicago biologist Jerry Coyne on more than one occasion, so I was quite surprised to find myself nodding in agreement with him today on a religion-related topic. He opened up this blog post saying, There’s a pretty dreadful piece by Tim Padgett in the latest online Time Magazine (I’m […]

“Is it still wrong if another culture says it is right? A teacher’s surprising discovery”

Denyse O’Leary writes: In “Moments of startling clarity: Moral education programming in Ontario today,”* Dr. Stephen L. Anderson recounts what happened when he tried to show students what can happen to women in a culture with no tradition of treating women as if they were fellow human beings with men…. They became confused. They seemed […]

If Christianity Is Your Religion, Don’t Thank God for the Cross

If Christianity were my religion, I wouldn’t thank God for the Cross. But it’s not my religion, and on Thanksgiving Day here in the U.S. tomorrow, I will be giving God all the thanks I can give him for the Cross of Jesus Christ. I know I need to explain that, and I will. First […]

From the Department of Double Standards Department

A student at York University in Ontario called for a professor’s firing after he said, “‘All Jews should be sterilized’ would be an example of an unacceptable and dangerous opinion.” Her reasoning reportedly went like this: Grunfeld said Tuesday she may have misunderstood the context and intent of Johnston’s remarks, but that fact is insignificant. […]