Falsification and Theology: Continuing a Topic Raised by Feser

Edward Feser recently posted a “Note on Falsification,” beginning, Antony Flew’s famous 1950 article “Theology and Falsification” posed what came to be known as the ‘falsificationist challenge’ to theology.  A claim is falsifiable when it is empirically testable — that is to say, when it makes predictions about what will be observed under such-and-such circumstances such […]

Do We Need To Prove All Other Religions False?

Comment conversations here lately have brought up the question, “Sure, you think Christianity is true. Muslims think Islam is true. Hindus think Hinduism is true. What makes you think you’re any more right than they are? Not only that, but if you applied the same standard to Christianity that you do to those other religions, […]

SSM, Reason, and the Religious Divide: The Essential Meaning of “Marriage”

This entry is part 3 of 4 in the series SSM, Reason, and Religion President Obama declared his affirmation of same-sex “marriage” yesterday. His opinion changes nothing except the legal and political environment. More specifically, it has no effect on what marriage actually is, because the meaning of marriage is not up to anyone to […]