Our Problem: Illusion or Reality?

From the series, Ten Turning Points That Make All the Difference What’s our problem? No, seriously. What’s wrong with us? Maybe nothing’s wrong with us. Sure, it seems like something’s not right with humanity, but maybe it’s just an illusion. There are modern naturalists/materialists who say consciousness and free will are human illusions. They’re not […]

Nothing New Under the Sun

Self-oriented, lightly founded moral philosophy is not so new after all. Going back some 350 years: Doubtless there are natural laws; but good reason once corrupted has corrupted all…. The result of this confusion is that one affirms the essence of justice to be the authority of the legislator; another, the interest of the sovereign; […]

More Food For Thought

We do not require great education of the mind to understand that here is no real and lasting satisfaction; that our pleasures are only vanity; that our evils are infinite; and, lastly, that death, which threatens us every moment, must infallibly place us within a few years under the dreadful necessity of being for ever […]

Food for Thought

Custom is our nature. He who is accustomed to the faith believes in it, can no longer fear hell, and believes in nothing else. He who is accustomed to believe that the king is terrible … etc. Who doubts then that our soul, being accustomed to see number, space, motion, believes that and nothing else? […]