“Rationalizing Christian”?

“Stephen” commented on my introductory post, Finally–A Blog For You!, Maybe this website should be renamed “the rationalizing Christian”. That’s not the same as the “thinking” Christian, but the name seems to fit based my first impression. When we talk about “thinking” we generally consider that our thinking falls out on a spectrum between good […]

Ron P.’s Spiritual Journey

Early in December I invited atheists and skeptics to tell their stories here, the idea being that if we see each other as real people, we are much more likely—even on the Internet!—to treat each other as real people. Ron P. sent me an email with this. I appreciate him sharing this with us. BEGIN […]

I have often wondered…

I have often wondered what it would do for a church to bring in an atheist, skeptic or believer in some other religion for the purpose of hearing from them. I’ve found that my motivation to study and to learn always increases when I hear other viewpoints. I think the same could happen in a […]

Atheist/Skeptic Stories Still Coming

A couple weeks ago I invited atheists and skeptics to share their stories here, in hopes that it would help us see one another as human beings, and treat each other that way. Ray Ingles took the opportunity first, and I just left a comment there wondering how it went from his perspective. A couple […]