Jerry Coyne, Neuroscience, and Research Methods 101

Dr. Jerry Coyne, atheistic biologist and blogger, thinks it’s surprising some people still believe in dualistic free will. To add to V.J. Torley’s excellent extended response to his post on Uncommon Descent, I want to focus on this question of Coyne’s. “In fact, when you think about more abstract things, like God or faith, parts […]

Bill Nye, Deniable Guy: Promoting Science and Rationality, He Blunders On Both

Science Guy Bill Nye says he stands for excellence in thinking skills and scientific reasoning. Recently, however, he violated both of those values in the very act of promoting them. HuffPost reports him as saying, The biggest danger creationism plays… is that it is raising a generation of children who “can’t think” and who “will […]

Science and Reason Yes, Science-and-Reason No

Science and reason belong together, right? Yes. Obviously so, in fact. Science and reason are both means for determining truth. Science depends on reason: every valid scientific conclusion is also a valid logical conclusion, the endpoint of a rationally conceived and rationally conducted process, and usually also a midpoint in a much larger rational process. […]

Here We Go ‘Round the No-Free-Will Bush ♫

Sheesh. SteveK [told us[( about this report, Free will could be the result of ‘background noise’ in the brain, study suggests. I’ve seen enough bad science journalism to know that the real experiment may look very little like the one reported there. (In fact, I have real trouble believing the research is as weak as […]

Creation, design, and evolution: if a theory could be derived straight from metaphysics, would it still be scientific?

Imagine the following scenario: SMITH: I know that evolution produced the biological world by naturalistic processes. JONES: Interesting. Do you believe in God? SMITH: No, I’m sure there’s no God. JONES: How do you know that naturalistic evolution explains life as we see it? SMITH: Because the evidence clearly demonstrates it. JONES: Suppose there were […]

The God of the Gaps and the Baker of the Bagel Hole

Here are a few quick responses to the “God of the Gaps” objection to Christian theism. The objection involves a few serious misconceptions, including: Thinking that the gaps are where God mostly works in nature (or thinking that’s what Christians think about God). That’s like saying your local baker’s chief product is bagel holes. Declaring […]