Our Problem: Illusion or Reality?

From the series, Ten Turning Points That Make All the Difference What’s our problem? No, seriously. What’s wrong with us? Maybe nothing’s wrong with us. Sure, it seems like something’s not right with humanity, but maybe it’s just an illusion. There are modern naturalists/materialists who say consciousness and free will are human illusions. They’re not […]

A New Earth, an Old Deception

Book Review Richard Abanes takes a thorough and critical look at Eckhart Tolle’s latest book, in his 2008 Bethany House book, A New Earth, An Old Deception: Awakening to the Dangers of Eckhart Tolle’s #1 Bestseller. It’s a study primarily aimed (through most of its length) toward Christian believers, drawing on Christians’ shared trust in […]

A World of Stone, A “New Earth,” or Something Better?

There’s a growing realization that materialism and the rational, empirical worldview that comes with it has reached its expiration date. So says Daniel Pinchbeck, in a NY Times Magazine article entitled “The Final Days” by Benjamin Anastas. Pinchbeck wrote an “alternative-culture bestselle4,” 2012, The Return of Quetzalcoatl. He is part of a movement that looks […]

New Age “Evolution”

Here’s a good example of how not to marry science with a worldview: the so-called Evolutionary Manifesto. There are lessons here for Christians who want to understand origins both in relation to the teachings of science as well asto alternate religions. This Evolutionary Manifesto is not the product of science, but of a New Age-oriented […]

“Many Paths To What You Call God”

A close friend of the family brought this up: another video of Oprah Winfrey as theologian. The video begins with Oprah in dialogue with an unidentified woman representing Biblical Christianity (as far as I can tell). Note the use of language here. Oprah says, There are many paths to what you call God. Her [another […]

“We Honor All Faiths”

Christ Church Unity, Kansas City, MO, says, “We honor all faiths.” This affirming and inclusive statement stands near the heart of a minor social movement: the Complaint Bracelet (“21 days to a complaint-free life”), invented by the church’s pastor, Rev. Will Bowen. Bown has been featured on The Today Show and Oprah, and, more than […]

The Cross: Not One of the Universe’s “Nice” Ideas

Dallas Willard writes in The Divine Conspiracy (p. 335), “God,” Paul said, “makes clear the greatness of his love for us through the fact that Christ died for us while we were still rebelling against him” (Rom. 5:8). The exclusiveness of the Christian revelation of God lies here. No one can have an adequate view […]