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Jerry Coyne, Neuroscience, and Research Methods 101

Dr. Jerry Coyne, atheistic biologist and blogger, thinks it’s surprising some people still believe in dualistic free will. To add to V.J. Torley’s excellent extended response to his...

“Hunter-Gatherer Nut Cases”

Salvo magazine’s current issue includes this article I wrote on altruism and morals, brain waves and neuroethics—and nuts. This thread is open for discussion on the article.

“Spirituality: Is it all in your head?”

Neurotheology strikes again, this time in an article that begins, Jan. 4–Having a spiritual experience may be all in your head — or at least part of it....

Dualism Dueling With Science?

There is a lively debate going on regarding two views of the mind: dualist vs. materialist. Last month’s New Scientist article, “Creationists Declare War Over the Brain,” prompted...

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