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Chemistry, Not Character, and Why Is No One Suing Ohio Over This?

Driving on I-75 in Cincinnati the other day I passed a billboard telling people with a gambling problem, ...

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Jerry Coyne, Neuroscience, and Research Methods 101

Dr. Jerry Coyne, atheistic biologist and blogger, thinks it’s surprising some people still believe in dualistic free will. ...

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Mental Exhaustion: If It’s Not Physical Then What Is It?

I'll bet you thought that if you were mentally exhausted it was because of all the energy your ...

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“Hunter-Gatherer Nut Cases”

Salvo magazine’s current issue includes this article I wrote on altruism and morals, brain waves and neuroethics—and nuts. ...

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I didn’t know it hurt till they put my head in a scanner

To be filed under the heading, “Neuroscience News Flash: Rejection Is Painful” The regions of the brain that ...

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The Will to Power–Is “Free Will” All in Your Head?: Scientific American

This from Scientific American raises interesting questions regarding knowledge: The Will to Power–Is “Free Will” All in Your ...

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“Spirituality: Is it all in your head?”

Neurotheology strikes again, this time in an article that begins, Jan. 4–Having a spiritual experience may be all ...

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“Evolution News & Views: My “Neuroscience Denial”?”

Some of you have been watching the exchange between Dr. Steven Novella and Dr. Michael Egnor on neuroscience ...

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Dualism Dueling With Science?

There is a lively debate going on regarding two views of the mind: dualist vs. materialist. Last month’s ...

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