Jerry Coyne, Neuroscience, and Research Methods 101

Dr. Jerry Coyne, atheistic biologist and blogger, thinks it’s surprising some people still believe in dualistic free will. To add to V.J. Torley’s excellent extended response to his post on Uncommon Descent, I want to focus on this question of Coyne’s. “In fact, when you think about more abstract things, like God or faith, parts […]

Mental Exhaustion: If It’s Not Physical Then What Is It?

I'll bet you thought that if you were mentally exhausted it was because of all the energy your brain just expended. Turns out it's probably not so; rather, what you believe makes it so. From Scientific American: Unlike physical exercise, mental workouts probably do not demand significantly more energy than usual. Believing we have drained […]

The Will to Power–Is “Free Will” All in Your Head?: Scientific American

This from Scientific American raises interesting questions regarding knowledge: The Will to Power–Is “Free Will” All in Your Head? The author, Christof Koch, apparently wants to balance philosophical questions with scientific ones. I appreciate his trying—but he doesn’t succeed. Not even if we ignore the oddly inappropriate allusion to Nietzsche in the title (for which […]