Bach: The Voice of God In Music

I’m working from memory, but it seems to me that Pablo Casals, once widely considered the world’s greatest cellist, said that he began each day playing Bach on the piano. It was like praying, he said. Since I have recently moved my place of work into a home office, with enough acoustic separation from the […]

Recognizing the Real Thing: Is Christian Worship Manipulative?

The music in church was great last Sunday. Unfortunately my mind wasn’t on it totally. I flashed back on the memory of some atheist or skeptic’s complaint that we Christians subject ourselves willingly to emotional manipulation with our minds in cognitive neutral. Later I went to look for where I had read that, and while […]

The Authentic Musician: Book Review

Book Review As a freshman music major at Michigan State University I played trombone in the Spartan Marching Band and in the Symphonic Band. A sophomore named John Haddix played trumpet in the same two bands. He lived down the hall from me in Mary Mayo Hall, a dorm that attracted a lot music majors, […]