Featuring New Christian Blogs in 2012

It’s December, which means it’s time for my third annual New Christian Blogs feature. I’ve had a great time with this the past two years, getting to know new bloggers and spreading the word to others. If you or someone you know has started up a Christian blog in 2012, please leave a comment here […]

Technorati Top Ten Today

This morning Thinking Christian is ranked #14 inTechnorati’s religion category. Four of the higher-ranked blogs are written from non-Christian perspectives, which means this one is in the top ten among Christian blogs there today. There’s no objective way to measure a blog’s traffic, quality, or importance relative to other blogs. Technorati is one of the […]

Maintenance Accomplished

I have to make a hosting change. During that switchover comments will be disabled. They will return intact within 24 hours, if all goes well. You are now looking at this blog on its new server, and all functions have been restored.

Admin Note for Commenters

I’ve just de-activated the “Comment Saver” plug-in, because it’s incompatible with this version of WordPress and could be causing back-end problems. The “Comment Saver” was there to store your comments in short-term cookies when you submitted them. That meant that if something went wrong with your submission, you wouldn’t lose what you wrote. I’m disabling […]

To Catch a Breath

After nine and a half weeks in a sprint, I might be able to slow down and breathe for a while now. I could be woefully over-optimistic in saying that, but I have hope anyway. It has been a very fun run. It’s not over yet, but it might slow down to a jog. On […]