Stenger Should Stick To Physics

Victor Stenger, atheist physicist, emeritus professor at the University of Hawaii, writes in New Scientist of why scientists ought to stick to their own competencies. Well, no, he doesn’t say that in so many words, in fact he tries to say the opposite, that science can judge against the existence of God. He tries, but […]

Has Science Disproved Christianity?

A talk delivered on February 23, 2011: “Has Science Disproved Christianity?” I look at four common objections that some atheists/skeptics tell us “science” makes against Christianity, and show that either they do not come from science at all, or else they misunderstand Christianity. This is a non-technical talk for general audiences, loosely based on a […]

Richards and Hitchens Debate Intelligent Design at Stanford

I’m hoping it won’t be long before we can see this on video: last night’s debate between Jay Richards and Christopher HItchens on Intelligent Design. Stanford Daily Online reported on it, including this: Hitchens then requested the chance to ask Richards a question. “Do you believe Jesus Christ was born of a virgin?” he asked […]