The Domestication of Transcendence by William Placher

Book Review My friend Holopupenko urged me—no, implored me—to read William C. Placher’s book The Domestication of Transcendence: How Modern Thinking About God Went Wrong. It’s excellent. I want to give you a taste of it from Placher’s own summary starting on page 181. A basic lesson: theologians get in trouble when they think they […]

Real vs. Counterfeit Compassion (Part 1)

I am no expert on compassion. To talk about it is easy, but to know it is to practice it, and there are others who practice it far better than I. This I know, however: “compassion” that strips away humanity is no compassion at all. The Bible is a record of God’s compassion toward real […]

7 Truths That Changed the World

Book Review 7 Truths That Changed the World: Discovering Christianity’s Most Dangerous Ideas by Kenneth Richard Samples. It was a bold move, in a world that increasingly describes Christianity as evil and stupid, to speak of Christianity’s “dangerous ideas.” There are those who say Christianity has been not just dangerous but downright ruinous, and there’s […]