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“On naturalism, or: Good and bad extrapolations in science | Uncommon Descent”

Just a small problem here: In his opening article, Eric McDonald highlights a critical flaw in Coyne’s scientific ...

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The Public/Private Distinction and the Doofuses

Stanley Fish wrote a profound piece for the NY Times’ Opinionator Blog last Monday, “Are There Secular Reasons?” ...

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Jerry Coyne, atheistic evolutionist, is blogging now. Darwin’s “Sacred Cause:” How Opposing Slavery Could Still Enslave Dechristianizing a ...

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Creationism and ID: Definition or Rhetoric?

Yesterday I tried to set aside a question about the relation between creationism and intelligent design, but bobxxx ...

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Jerry Coyne’s Line In the Sand

Yesterday in a very quick post I pointed to an inconsistency in Jerry Coyne’s New Republic article, “Seeing ...

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A Man of Great Faith

In his critical review in The New Republic of two theistic evolutionists, anti-theistic biologist Jerry Coyne speaks about ...

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