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Jerry Coyne

The Image of God Under Attack

From the series, Ten Turning Points That Make All the Difference The image of God in humans is ...

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Coyne Responds on Free Will

Jerry Coyne has responded to my piece (and others’) yesterday on his Free Will article in USAToday. He ...

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Jerry Coyne: “Why you don’t really have free will” –

Jerry Coyne, who knows a lot about biology, doesn’t know nearly enough about other things on which he ...

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It Must Be Christmas: I Agree With Jerry Coyne!

I’ve been quite critical of University of Chicago biologist Jerry Coyne on more than one occasion, so I was ...

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Coyne Was Right After All: Science Has Vanquished Christianity

I ended last night’s post by asking whether Jerry Coyne might have been right when he wrote, Many ...

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Jerry Coyne: Intellectual Dishonesty, Or … ?

This is not the first time I’ve had occasion to ask Jerry Coyne, which is it?  Is it culpable ...

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David Heddle on Jerry Coyne

Thank you, David Heddle: Speaking of irony, Jerry’s little joke about [Thinking Christian as an] “oxymoron” in a ...

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Friends and Bloggers

This morning at Panera Bread I ran into a good friend of mine, David Heddle, a professor of ...

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Jerry Coyne: Either Culpable Ignorance, Or Else … ?

Update again, 10/20/11: I bid a hearty welcome to visitors from Dr. Coyne’s website. (I appreciate the link, ...

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