Sophisticated Biology™

Jerry Coyne has been running a series of posts on “Sophisticated Theologians™.” Here’s how they all go (check it out if you don’t believe me): Pick any difficult topic in theology, find someone who presents a non-obvious answer, call it “Sophisticated Theology™,” and laugh at it. Coyne never bothers to consider whether the non-obvious answer […]

How Deeply Atheism Can Corrupt Rationality

Jerry Coyne, the University of Chicago biologist, is nothing if not dependable. When he takes religion to task for errors in thinking, you can always count on him demonstrating difficulties with rationality. Most recently he was upbraiding Father Alexander Lucie-Smith for writing in the Catholic Herald. He quotes Fr. Lucie-Smith: Here is a saying that […]

Coyne Explains His Philosophical Superiority Over Plantinga

Jerry Coyne explains today why Alvin Plantinga is “so in violation of the normal canons of reason,” such an “infuriating” example of the “drivel” that “passes for sophisticated philosophy in theology.” Plantinga missed this possibility, you see: Couldn’t God, if he’s omnipotent, commit divine suicide? And he really ought to understand, says Coyne, that God […]

Rejecting Knowledge for the Sake of Science?

Jerry Coyne and others may think it makes sense to reject knowledge for the sake of science. They’re wrong. Here’s a great case in point, though, from a transcription Coyne provided of a talk given by Michael Gazzaniga. “If you think about it this way, if you are a Martian coming by earth and looking […]