Why Religious Freedom Matters

Religious liberty is under attack, not only from Federal mandates to violate doctrine and conscience, but also from a more intentional philosophical perspective. Ryan Anderson of editor of Public Discourse, recently reviewed Brian Leiter’s Why Tolerate Religion? I do not expect to have time to read Leiter’s book, though I suppose I may have to […]

Do We Need To Prove All Other Religions False?

Comment conversations here lately have brought up the question, “Sure, you think Christianity is true. Muslims think Islam is true. Hindus think Hinduism is true. What makes you think you’re any more right than they are? Not only that, but if you applied the same standard to Christianity that you do to those other religions, […]

“Homophobia” Bites Back

Gay-rights activists scored a coup by injecting the language of “homophobia” into our national conversation. They may regret it, though. It’s poised to come back and bite them. From one perspective, “homophobia” is a truly marvelous term, as strategic as it could possibly be. We who disagree with homosexual practice aren’t just wrong, we’re sick. […]

Is Democracy Viable In Egypt?

Thomas Sowell reflects on events in Egypt: If there was ever a time when people in Western democracies might be excused for thinking that Western institutions could simply be exported to other nations to create new free democracies, that time has long passed. [From Is Democracy Viable? – Thomas Sowell – Townhall Conservative] He’s saying […]