Good News in Jesus Christ!

The other day Shane Fletcher and I were talking briefly about what the Gospel really is. He said he’d like to know better. So would I, in many (many!) ways. It’s so multifaceted! What is this good news in Jesus Christ? The Gospel comes from root words meaning “good news,” which it really is, centered […]

The Meaning of Biblical Marriage: Who Decides These Things?

Shari Johnson describes herself as “I am an evangelical Christian who, I am sorry to say, used to be one of the ‘don’t-confuse-me-with-facts-because-my-mind-is-made-up’ type of Christian.” Now in a Fox News opinion piece she tells us, “When I hear terms like ‘God’s design’ and ‘Biblical marriage’ I have to wonder who decides these things.” Her […]

Richard Dawkins’ Anti-Scientific Hypocrisy

In honor of Richard Dawkins’ refusal to debate William Lane Craig tomorrow, I’m re-posting a piece I wrote for the Newport News Daily Press early in 2007, highlighting his hypocritical willingness to ignore science when it suits his purpose. This article was also published at BreakPoint. Richard Dawkins’ book The God Delusion has been a […]