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Heat to Light: Our Lost Moral High Ground, and How to Begin Reclaiming It

Remember when Christianity held the moral high ground? Maybe not. Depends on how long you’ve been around. It ...

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Sex, Bias, and the Design of Life

I’ve been reading the competition, so to speak — not that there really is any competition with Ed ...

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Jesus Mosaic

Why Jesus’ Acceptance of All People Doesn’t Mean What This Lesbian Pastor Thinks It Means

Rev. Cynthia Meyer, a United Methodist pastor who recently came out as lesbian — and is under church ...

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The Worldview Collision Behind the Bathroom Wars

I’m asking still why the gender wars erupted so suddenly in our culture, and what’s motivating the drive ...

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Talk It Up! Major New Study on Homosexuality

Major New Study Released Yesterday a new scientific study was published at The New Atlantis questioning much of ...

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Helping Parents and Pastors Equip Young People (Podcast)

I spent an enjoyable time with Nick Peters of Deeper Waters the other day, talking about helping parents ...

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The One Thing Wrong With Seeking Advice On How To Respond to Tragedy

How do we respond to a tragic horror like this weekend’s shooting in Orlando? If you’re just asking ...

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Critical and Personal Conversations

I really enjoyed this conversation this morning, and I so appreciated Christine Sneeringer’s personal stories of starting out as ...

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How To Talk With Your Pre-teens About LGBT Issues

A reader at The Stream sent a question about how to teach her very young children about transgender-related issues. I ...

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