Do We Need To Prove All Other Religions False?

Comment conversations here lately have brought up the question, “Sure, you think Christianity is true. Muslims think Islam is true. Hindus think Hinduism is true. What makes you think you’re any more right than they are? Not only that, but if you applied the same standard to Christianity that you do to those other religions, […]

Ten Turning Points: Jesus Rose From the Dead

From the series, Ten Turning Points That Make All the Difference It is the greatest turning point of them all. Nothing else could possibly compare. It turned days of desperate hopelessness into centuries of joyful celebration. It turned death upside down. Of this Christians are convinced: the resurrection of Jesus Christ is the greatest and […]

Ten Turning Points: The Humiliation of the Cross

From the series, Ten Turning Points That Make All the Difference “Christianity is the only major religion to have as its central event the humiliation of its God.” That’s the opening sentence in Bruce L. Shelley’s Church History in Plain Language. It sounds more like the end of a history than the beginning. Yet the […]

Something In the Air: Science’s Supposed Superiority To Religion

I got an email recently from “Loren,” who sought to inform me, Science is knowledge of proven facts, religion is a belief system based on unproven theory. The matter is closed, science is alive and growing where as religion is based on ancient history. That’s all she wrote. (I know both men and women named […]