25 Lies Dominating Western Culture Today

25 Lies Dominating Western Culture Today … and seeking to rule over your own view of reality. Not one of these is true. Even Christians are falling for some of them, though — especially the last three. Humans are unexceptional among the animals. Human nature is malleable according to human will. Innocent, defenseless human life is dispensable without moral […]

“You’re a Hater” — — Christian Faith Under (Im)Moral Attack, Part One

Series Introduction (First in a series of ten, from my new book Critical Conversations!) Gay activists set out almost 30 years ago to make Christianity look immoral and wrong. In one key document they even called it a plan for “Overhauling Straight America.” (I tell that story briefly in Critical Conversations: A Christian Parents’ Guide to Discussing Homosexuality With […]

Pushback Against “Critical Conversations” Book? No, Just Stereotyping

At first I was going to say here that my book Critical Conversations had received its first pushback today, in an article Debra Pasquella wrote a titled “Christians Who Primarily Focus on Homosexuality Based on Fear.”” It wasn’t. She hadn’t read the book. She was stereotyping me instead. She did hear me do an interview (more […]

What Does This Writer Represent?

What would you think of a writer spent an entire article slamming another writer he’s never met, speculating on that other writer’s psychological motivations based on stereotypes, guesses, and a whole host of information he does not have? What if that writer said of the other writer and his work: stupid question smuggles in facts […]

Irony and Intolerance On Campus: Case Study at UNC Wilmington

So there was this student group at the University of North Carolina, Wilmington, you see, that was hosting a campus discussion on abortion. Maybe they should have known better than to have tried. It’s a rancorous issue everywhere, with religion right at the heart of the dispute, and of course everyone knows that one side […]

What Do “Hate,” “Diversity” and “Intolerance” Mean?

This is old news, but instructive nonetheless, for its issues are astonishingly and disturbingly persistent. I ran across it just now on an inactive blog called “dotmoms.”   A friend of mine told me this true story. She teaches at an elite private school, and her kids attend it as students. One day she and […]

“Hate the Sin, Love the Sinner”

Difficult? Or Impossible? Years ago I was in an undergraduate social psychology lecture at the University of Central Florida. The professor, speaking of attitudes toward homosexuality, told us, “Christians say they can ‘hate the sin but love the sinner,’ but I think that’s pretty hard.” By his non-verbals it was clear that he meant is […]