Why Jesus’ Acceptance of All People Doesn’t Mean What This Lesbian Pastor Thinks It Means

Jesus Mosaic

Rev. Cynthia Meyer, a United Methodist pastor who recently came out as lesbian — and is under church discipline for it — explained part of her pro-LGBT reasoning thus: My understanding of Christian teaching centers on the Gospels, and what we know about the teachings and actions of Jesus. I don’t think Jesus was really looking […]

Two Radio Interviews Today

Today I’ll have the privilege of taking part in two radio interviews, both of them focusing on my recent Touchstone article on the historicity of the Gospels. The first begins in less than an hour on Michael Brown’s Line of Fire radio. You can listen live or find the podcast afterward. The second begins about […]

Good News in Jesus Christ!

The other day Shane Fletcher and I were talking briefly about what the Gospel really is. He said he’d like to know better. So would I, in many (many!) ways. It’s so multifaceted! What is this good news in Jesus Christ? The Gospel comes from root words meaning “good news,” which it really is, centered […]