Anti-Humanistic Atheism, or, “Do you really see Christians that way?”

Could atheism be anti-humanistic? Yesterday ScottinOH wrote a comment asking, among other things, about the love of God. He wrote, Jesus’s short-term self-sacrifice (and God the Father’s short-term sacrifice of His Son) is only laudable in the sense that a mob boss or an abuser “sacrifices” something in order to convince himself not to blow […]

The God of the Gaps and the Baker of the Bagel Hole

Here are a few quick responses to the “God of the Gaps” objection to Christian theism. The objection involves a few serious misconceptions, including: Thinking that the gaps are where God mostly works in nature (or thinking that’s what Christians think about God). That’s like saying your local baker’s chief product is bagel holes. Declaring […]

Growth in Being and In Power—In Jesus Christ

I've been reading David Bentley Hart's The Experience of God. I would recommend Hart to atheists the way I would recommend Hitchens to theists: both are (or were, sadly, in Hitchens' case) among the finest fitters of words in the contemporary literature concerning God. There is of course an enormous difference between the two authors, […]

What Shall We Make of This Glory?

I’ve just been treated to my first view of Orion and the Pleiades this year: it was the unanticipated benefit of rising early on a very clear morning. They are my favorite constellations, one of them for being so bold and distinct, the other for being so delicate and small. The whole sky is resplendent: […]