Christians Are Called to be Great

While I learn my new position as senior editor with The Stream, I’ll  be re-posting older, “evergreen” blog posts that were written on an older blogging system and aren’t directly accessible from this one. This one was originally published in 2005. It’s a long study, admittedly. It’s also been extremely influential in my own thinking and in […]

Safe For Humans Here

This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Safe For Humans The gospel of Jesus Christ is good news for all because we all share the same human condition, the same human needs, the same human problem. I’ve been writing here about humanness, and I have more to share on that. I’ve written […]

Okay, You’re Right: There’s No Evidence For Faith …

Part of the extended series Evidence for the Faith I thought I was about to launch into a series on evidence for the Christian faith. Recent discussion here tells me there’s one more preliminary step to take first, however. I haven’t yet defined just what it is I’m about to provide evidence for. You see, […]

Says the Madman: “Humanity Is Dead, and We Are Its Murderers”

“Whither is humanity? cried the Madman. I will tell you. We have killed it. We are its murderers! But how could we do this? Are we not plunging continually? How shall we comfort ourselves, the murderers of all murderers?” When Friedrich Nietzsche’s Madman told the world, “God is dead, and we are his murderers,” it was as if […]