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Darwin-Nazi Link: Fundamentally Wrongheaded?

A few days ago Tony Hoffman suggested, Expelled’s charge and the constant revival of this aspersion on this ...

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Expelled Critics: So Bored They Can’t See Straight”

This from Martin Cothran is the review of Expelled I wish I had been a good enough writer ...

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Expelled: My Not-Really-A-Review

Well, finally I’ve seen it. I loved it. It was entertaining, it was motivating, it was interesting, at ...

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Why the Darwin-Hitler Link Is So Sensitive

Dembski asked this question rhetorically. It would help to consider some actual answers anyway. I propose four of ...

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Responding to Expelled: Think First

I’ll be on an airplane this evening, so I won’t see Expelled until sometime later this weekend. But I’ll ...

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Expelled: The Hot Topic

Two articles of mine posted on other websites today: On Handling a Hot Topic (how Christians ought ...

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Orlando Sentinel – What is Ben Stein afraid of? by Roger Moore

Roger Moore asks, What is Ben Stein afraid of? That’s his headline for a column in today’s Orlando ...

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“Inside Higher Ed” on PZ Myers and Expelled

Inside Higher Ed has a “Quick Take” today on PZ Myers jumping in uninvited on a conference call ...

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I’ve Arrived!

Blogspotted by Panda’s Thumb! I’m so excited! What more could a blogger ask? Here’s what they said: Today ...

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