Some Serious Thinking On Evolved Morality

We’ve been discussing the moral argument for God here lately in a two-part short series, where I introduced this version of the argument: AB1. We cannot know whether any action really is right or wrong unless right and wrong are real. AB2. We know that some actions really are right and others are wrong. AB3. […]

Of Course Atheists Have Meaning and Value—Just No Good Way To Explain It

Atheists often confuse Christians’ position on meaning and value. The typical version, as it comes from atheists’ mouth, is, “Christians say you don’t have meaning or value unless you believe in God. But that’s obviously false! I don’t believe in God, and I have no trouble finding meaning and value in my life.” This morning’s […]

How Not To Argue Against Evolution

There are good arguments against naturalistic evolution, the belief that all species developed through unguided random variation and natural selection.[1. … and some other essentially statistical processes like genetic drift] There are also bad arguments. There are some that are so bad they do not qualify as arguments at all. Here are some things I’d […]

A Taste of New Mystery: Thomism and Intelligent Design

My post on Plantinga raised an old question again: is Intelligent Design poor theology, poor metaphysics, as certain Thomist theologians/philosophers think it is? Specifically, does it “give the game away” to naturalists/materialists by conceiving of the world in a mechanistic sense, making God a tinkerer in his creation? Does it misconceive who God is in […]