Jesus Christ: Greater Than You Knew, Too Great Not To Be True

Today I’m announcing a new argument for the historicity of the Gospels, published just now through Touchstone Magazine. The editors have titled it The Gospel Truth Of Jesus: What Happens to Apologetics If We Add “Legend” to the Trilemma “Liar, Lunatic, or Lord”?. The main point of the argument: Jesus Christ is greater than you […]

Evidence for God: Humanism vs. Moral Knowledge (Moral Knowledge Part 2)

Part of the extended series Evidence for the Faith I don’t know why anyone speaks of atheistic “humanism.” Atheism denies humanness. “‘Humanity is dead, and we are its murderers,’ says the Madman.” That’s a bold and controversial statement, I know, and I know that it’s up to me to explain why I would make it. It’s […]

(Deprecated Post) Evidence for God: Atheism vs. Humanness (Humanness & Moral Knowledge Part 2)

Part of the extended series Evidence for the Faith Update April 8: I left out some important context when I wrote this post, which you may find by jumping down to comments 136, 137, and 142. My apologies for the error and the confusion that resulted. I’m deprecating this post because of the errors, and asking […]

Why Professor Fincke’s Analysis of “God’s Not Dead” Didn’t Actually Care About What the Movie Was About

Professor (of sorts) Daniel Fincke set out to write an analysis of the movie God’s Not Dead. What he accomplished with it ended up being something else entirely. He admitted early on that the topic had gotten away from him, and that this had turned into much more than a review. It seems to me that it […]