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David Barton: Tragedy Unfolding

I first learned of David Barton’s errors a couple months or so ago, in a conversation with Jay ...

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Marveling at Jesus’ Moral Leadership

Jesus Christ has a reputation as a moral reformer. Even skeptics will allow him that much. As always, ...

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The Child Sacrifice Question (1)

One of the perennial challenges atheists bring before Christians (here, for example) is, “If you thought God was ...

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Charles Colson, 1931-2012

Charles Colson has gone home to be with the Lord. The Prison Fellowship ministry family invites you to ...

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Loving Those We Disagree With (Podcast)

We got a comment here from Gina recently, asking about how Christians can love homosexuals, and whether propositional ...

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How Not To Argue Against Evolution

There are good arguments against naturalistic evolution, the belief that all species developed through unguided random variation and ...

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“Bad without god « Shadow To Light”

A friend of ours notes that PZ Myers says, Atheists have a bad rep, and the general public ...

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Is It Bad To Enjoy Doing Good?

I received this question by email: I was discussing ethics with an atheist friend, and he approaches morals ...

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