There’s No Balancing This Moral Equation: Human Well-Being Doesn’t Explain Human Morality

BillB left some thoughtful comments about morality and well-being on my recent post, “Naturalistic Atheism Is An Extraordinarily Strange and ...

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Naturalistic Atheism Is An Extraordinarily Strange and Unlikely Worldview

The other day I listed 50 facts and features of reality that Christianity explains better than any other worldview ...

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What Would It Take For Me To Give Up Belief In Jesus Christ?

Skeptics often ask, “Is there anything that could possibly cause you to give up your belief in Jesus ...

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Move Beyond Duality – Or Else!

Book Review I can’t remember who or what it was that led me to pick up the book ...

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25 Truths Essential To Restoring Our Freedoms

Happy Independence Day! Today, more than any Independence Day in my lifetime, is a day for thinking about ...

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Pushback Against “Critical Conversations” Book? No, Just Stereotyping

At first I was going to say here that my book Critical Conversations had received its first pushback ...

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Being Good “For Nothing” — Does That Make Atheist Ethics Better Than Christian?

Get the picture? Here’s the challenge: Atheistic morality is allegedly better than Christianity because Christians are looking for ...

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The Overwhelming, Mysterious, Multi-dimensional Glory of God’s Goodness

I don’t know how to speak this well enough. It would take a poet. God is good, and ...

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Why “Jesus Saves” Is More Real Than “Jesus Affirms You”

Jesus saves vs. Jesus affirms: which is the better answer for the moral questions of our day? A ...

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