“Slavery, Christianity, and Islam”

Robert Spencer writes of religion and slavery in world history, including: [T]he pressure to end [slavery] moved from ...

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Where Relativism Leads: Focusing the Question

Following dozens of interactions here on the topic of moral relativism, it’s time to try to focus our ...

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The Awful Hubris of Misdirected Humility

“Who am I to say someone else’s morality is wrong?” the moral relativist asks. It is a stance ...

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“Hopeless Hypotheses”

From Gladio Mentis – The Sword Of The Mind: Hopeless Hypotheses: For my purposes, a “hopeless hypothesis” is ...

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Can You Become a Better Person?

(Update 12/31/07: This blog entry presents a philosophical position on ethics. If you landed here because you desire ...

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