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Nothing New Under the Sun

Self-oriented, lightly founded moral philosophy is not so new after all. Going back some 350 years: Doubtless there ...

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Hitchens’s Second Question

(Note added 9/3/08: Comments are closed here, but the discussion remains open. See the final comment on this ...

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Hitchens on “Finding Morals Under Empty Heavens”

Christopher Hitchens says that since he published God is Not Great, [t]he case that keeps coming up against ...

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Ehrlich Was Wrong

DVD Review Demographic Winter “Never in history have we had economic prosperity accompanied by depopulation” “There won’t be ...

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A True-False Test for Moral Relativists

There are two groups of people in the world: those who divide the world into two groups of ...

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“Scientific information largely ignored when forming opinions about stem cell research”

It’s below the surface, so I might just be imagining it (I’ve done that before); but is there ...

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Our “Constitutional Right” to the Pursuit of Happiness

Warning: disturbing topic ahead. Some readers will find some of this material objectionable. I was a pump jockey ...

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Postscript to the Series, “Darwin’s Gift?”

Having written a four-part series on Francis Ayala’s Darwin’s Gift to Science and Religion, I was already in strong ...

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Dawkins’s Aesthetic Argument for Evolution

An “aesthetic argument for evolution”–I hope it’s obvious to you, just by looking at it that this is ...

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