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“The Christendom Review”

Thank you to Anthony Esolen of Mere Comments for linking to the new Christendom Review. Its first article, ...

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Slaughter of the Dissidents–Book Review

Book Review I suppose I ought to start this review on a more positive note, but here I ...

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“Life, License, and the Pursuit of Pleasure”

This came in to my RSS reader just after I wrote on something very similar in a comment. ...

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“Turning Back the Cellular Clock: A Farewell to Embryonic Stem Cells?: Scientific American”

Good news on one front of the culture wars: A Farewell to Embryonic Stem Cells? [Link: Turning Back ...

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How To Be a Better Person (Relativist Version)

The Relativist’s Answer To “How Do I Become a Morally Better Person?” The more you recognize there is ...

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Does It Matter If Morality Is Well Grounded?

As I just wrote on another brief blog entry, the dialogue on “Hitchens’s Second Question” has been continuing ...

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Grounding for Morality Outside of Theism?

The dialogue on “Hitchens’s Second Question” has been continuing at a rapid pace for over a month now. ...

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Ideas have nothing to do with reality?

It’s amazing to see this [Link: World On the Web » World New Media Archive » Ideas have ...

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Ideas Have Consequences: Free Will vs. The Programmed Brain

Ideas have consequences! One such was recently shown through an experiment described in Scientific American. [R]esearchers found that ...

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