Just Say No to Fragenblitzen

It’s totally predictable, whenever I blog on certain topics: the argumentum ad Frgenblitzen. The term comes from the German Fragen, for “questions,” and Blitzen, for “lightning,” with an intentional allusion to Blitzkrieg. It happens whenever I write about homosexual activism, gay marriage, and Intelligent Design, and frequently when I write on other topics as well. […]

Live Blogging the McGrew-Boghossian Debate

I’ve never tried this before, but if technology permits I’ll be live blogging my reactions to the Tim McGrew/Peter Boghossian Unbelievable debate at 9:30 am Eastern Time, March 24, 2014. Update: see the live blog/recap!

Peter Boghossian Debates Timothy McGrew Saturday on “Unbelievable”

This Saturday’s Unbelievable with Justin Brierley features a debate between Peter Boghossian, Ed.D., and Timothy McGrew, Ph.D., on Boghossian’s, Manual for Creating Atheists. It’s a radio show airing at 2:30 pm in England, and available live online everywhere else, from the link above. For North Americans, if I’ve got my time zones right it’s playing […]

Craig-Cooke Debate

A few weeks ago at Auckland University, New Zealand, William Lane Craig debated Bill Cooke on “Is Belief In God a Delusion?” I hope you’ll view the debate. I have just a few points from it to highlight. Dr. Craig had the opening statement and offered reasons to believe there is a God. Dr. Cooke’s […]