Discovery Institute: Indiana Bill “Bad Science and Bad Education”

A press release that just came from the Discovery Institute: Indianapolis – A bill approved today by the Indiana Senate to allow the teaching of creationism in public schools is being criticized as bad science education by Discovery Institute, the nation’s leading intelligent design think tank. [From Discovery Institute – Article Database – Leading Intelligent […]

“What Is Pseudoscience?: Scientific American”

So far so good from Michael Shermer, writing at Scientific American, as he quotes Michael D. Gordin in an excellent, pithy analysis: “individual scientists (as distinct from the monolithic ‘scientific community’) designate a doctrine a ‘pseudoscience’ only when they perceive themselves to be threatened—not necessarily by the new ideas themselves, but by what those ideas […]

SciAm Endorses Teaching the Controversy?

Could this be? Looks like John Rennie, who until recently was the long-time Editor-in-Chief of Scientific American, thinks it’s a good idea to teach the controversy! The roughly 60 percent in the mushy middle steered around conflicts between evolution and creationism or taught both and let students draw their own conclusions. (Always such a good idea….) […]