Ten Turning Points: Wrap-up

From the series, Ten Turning Points That Make All the Difference Ten turning points have made all the difference—not just for some religion, not just for some people, but for all of reality. It’s time now to wrap up this series with a summary. This has been a series with a mixed purpose. I had […]

“Science Says The Universe Has No Purpose” — Lawrence Krauss

Lawrence Krauss’s book A Universe From Nothing was panned about as effectively as any publication I’ve seen, when David Albert published his review in the NY Times Sunday Book Review. That was on March 22. A Google search on “Krauss nothing” returns dozens of other negative reviews. Just to show that even great criticism has […]

How Not To Argue Against Evolution

There are good arguments against naturalistic evolution, the belief that all species developed through unguided random variation and natural selection.[1. … and some other essentially statistical processes like genetic drift] There are also bad arguments. There are some that are so bad they do not qualify as arguments at all. Here are some things I’d […]

Has Science Disproved Christianity?

A talk delivered on February 23, 2011: “Has Science Disproved Christianity?” I look at four common objections that some atheists/skeptics tell us “science” makes against Christianity, and show that either they do not come from science at all, or else they misunderstand Christianity. This is a non-technical talk for general audiences, loosely based on a […]