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The Death of God, The Descent of Man, The Death of Humanity

Is there any figure in all Western history more ironic than Friedrich Nietzsche, he who proclaimed the death ...

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What Would It Take For Me To Give Up Belief In Jesus Christ?

Skeptics often ask, “Is there anything that could possibly cause you to give up your belief in Jesus ...

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Being Good “For Nothing” — Does That Make Atheist Ethics Better Than Christian?

Get the picture? Here’s the challenge: Atheistic morality is allegedly better than Christianity because Christians are looking for ...

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John the Baptist by Rembrandt van Rijn

Christians Are Called to Be Great

While I learn my new position as senior editor with The Stream, I’ll  be re-posting older, “evergreen” blog ...

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Don’t Pray for Patience

There’s a common saying among Christians: “Don’t pray for God to teach you patience–you won’t like what he’ll ...

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The Range Master and the Doctor: A Parable About Abortion

You’re on a firing range holding a loaded pistol. The target area is curtained off, all but a ...

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The Loneliness of Thinking Christianly

I got an email from a reader named Mark this morning, who told me he was frustrated by ...

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Ten Reasons the Bible Has It Right on Slavery

I read Keith’s comment #172 this morning with deep grief in my heart. He wondered whether there was ...

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Do You Think About God As He Truly Is?

If these questions don’t challenge you to the depth of your intellect, you’re not thinking of God as ...

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