College History Without Wars: Truth, Salvation, or None of the Above?

My daughter called home yesterday from college, during the first session of a course on World History Since 1500. “I’m dropping this course,” she said. “The teacher said she’s not going to cover any wars. She thinks it’s more important to study the ways people have saved other people than to talk about people killing […]

Character Development Is Alive and Well On the College Campus. Sort Of.

A few days Mike Adams posted an article at titled Diversity and Catatonic Schizophrenia. It begins, Dianne Harrison is the new president of California State University, Northridge (CSUN). It’s a small college in the Golden State but it sure is loaded with diversity. How do I know? Because Dianne has written a letter to […]

“A Texas-Sized Defeat for ‘Western Civilization’”

My college friend Rob Koons was putting together a concentration on “Western Civilization and American Institutions” at the University of Texas, but he got the plugged pulled on him in a manner that was not only unceremonious but also confused, contradictory, and educationally unwise. He learned some lessons from the experience, including: Our program was rightly […]