Wake Up, Church! Be Grieved, Be Angry, Be Free To Act

Just published at The Stream, one of my more important articles ever: “A Time for Anger, A Time for Grief.” The Western world is in spiritual crisis like never before. Persecution of Christians is on the rise. Spiritual apathy is increasing. The LGBT movement is literally attacking Christian faith through charges of its being hateful […]

John Loftus’s Bad Reasons for Not Going To Church, and a Few Good Ones For Going

John Loftus, the affable hat-wearing atheist who loves to poke quasi-informed fun at Christians, posted this on Facebook yesterday: Except for extremely rare circumstance I don’t go to church. For one thing, I don’t need to be reminded to be good. For another, I find a deity who commands people to worship him egocentric, regardless of […]

What’s So Wrong With Being An Atheist Pastor, Anyway?

Erstwhile charge of atheist pastor Vospers, Port Mouton United Church, N.S., Canada

Port Mouton, N.S. United Church Stand with your atheist pastor friends! That’s the example being reported this week on Canadian wire services (I picked it up at The Globe and Mail). This is not a parody story. A retired United Church minister has asked to be formally defrocked as a protest against the potential firing of a colleague […]