Honoring the Memory of a Great Man

I was privileged today to be in attendance at the Washington, D.C. memorial service for Chuck Colson. It is at times like this when I am most at a loss for words, but Dr. Timothy George delivered a homily that said it all. Thank God for the life and leadership of this man, who greatly […]

Chuck Colson: Religious Freedom Threatened on Campus

Chuck Colson on a disturbing new trend: Welcoming different viewpoints and beliefs is said to be one of the crowning glories of the modern university. Unless of course, your viewpoints and beliefs happen to be Christian. [From Campus Crackdown: Restricting Religious Freedom – Opinion – PatriotPost.US] In this editorial he references something I wrote at […]

Politics, Corruption, and Ethics

Here’s a fascinating conversation between two men who went to Washington and then went to jail—Chuck Colson and Jack Abramoff—along with my friend John Stonestreet. Both Colson and Abramoff have stories of rising, falling, encountering disturbing truths about themselves, and experiencing a sense of redemption. In Chuck Colson’s case, that redemption was founded in a […]