Being Good “For Nothing” — Does That Make Atheist Ethics Better Than Christian?

Get the picture? Here’s the challenge: Atheistic morality is allegedly better than Christianity because Christians are looking for a reward for our goodness, while atheists are good “for nothing.” (Again, I am not saying “good for nothing.”) There are three parts to that statement: Christian goodness is motivated by a hoped-for reward. Atheists’ goodness is goodness for […]

“Too Stupid? Try Religion” — Skeptics Dehumanizing Christians

This month at BreakPoint I write about skeptics dehumanizing Christians. Are you a Christian? Then there’s something dreadfully wrong with you. You’re unthinking; you’re unscientific; you can’t see how badly Christianity botches morality. You represent a deeply defective culture that’s been getting all the most important things wrong for a hundred generations. Did you know […]

Ten Reasons We’re Losing On Gay “Marriage”

We are losing on gay “marriage.” The conflict continues—there was a victory last week in North Carolina!—and the overall end is not yet clear. Still, we’ve lost millions of skirmishes: the hearts of people who think marriage is for any two adults who want to put that name on their relationship, and who think that […]