Stark Raving Barking Bonkers (A Correction and Apology)

Yesterday in comments Jeanette said my beliefs were “stark raving barking bonkers.” I’m here today to admit that that’s a good description of how I responded to her in comments over the past two days. I was committing the classic, contemptible apologist’s error of taking down her logic all day long — including personal aspersions […]

Some Statistics

I found a plug-in yesterday to add up some numbers for me. In just under 9 years of blogging on the WordPress platform, you and I have done the following: 2,156 posts 58,074 comments 1,083,744 words of posts 9,862,914 words of comments (and counting!) 10,946,658 words of posts plus comments (not counting this one) That’s an […]

Joining with The Stream!

I wrote here a few days ago that I had another major life event to share soon. This week is the week. I’m in training this week at Life Outreach International to come on board as Senior Editor and Ministry Coordinator with their major new ministry outreach, The Stream, specifically to focus on apologetics and […]

Theology Degrees Online: “Top 20 Religion Blogs of 2014”

I just saw this, though it’s been there since August. (It’s another indicator of how busy my last few months have been.) Thank you to Theology Degrees Online for listing Thinking Christian in the “Top 20 Religion Blogs of 2014!” They have quite an eclectic mix in that list. There are several other evangelical blogs […]

It’s My Ten Year Blogiversary!

Ten years ago today, I wrote a short item on ministry strategy to launch the brand-new Thinking Christian blog. What a great, wild ride it’s been since then! Today I’m thinking back on highlights of those ten years. The Community The first thing good thoughts I have are about all the commenters who have made […]