Different Is Better

Different Is Better: “As Ruden says, ‘Paul was not a 20th-century feminist . . .  but [modern women are] the beneficiaries of a very long list of reforms. [And] Paul, I think, got all that started.’ To understand why that’s the case, it helps to remember that much of the sexual activity Michael Kruger refers […]

Why does the Bible get the blame?

We’ve ben talking about whether the Bible endorses slavery, and ScottInOh wrote last night, Like Melissa, I feel like I’ve made my point: no one writing on this thread would consider American slavery… morally justified, but … prominent Christian voices endorsed [it], believing God’s Word gave them the basis for doing so. That’s all I’ve […]

Jesus, Authority, and Knowledge

Jesus Christ  came to inaugurate a new Kingdom entirely under his own authority. Inevitably this produced a clash: one does not simply claim authority as king where another is already enthroned. Jesus’ Kingdom was “not of this world,’ yet even so it got him crucified. On the surface it sounds like a classic political power […]