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What Bob Seidensticker Got Wrong About My “Too Good To Be False” Argument

A few weeks ago Bob Seidensticker, atheist blogger at, attempted to deconstruct my argument that Jesus is ...

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Atheists Rejecting the Bible Due to OT Morality: Bound To Be a Bad Tradeoff

Atheists rejecting the Bible due to OT morality are making a bad tradeoff. Yet they do it anyway. ...

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Creed by Adam Hamilton: Blend of Truth and Error

Adam Hamilton pastors the largest mainline Protestant megachurch in America, the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection in ...

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Cover: "How Would Jesus Blog?"

How Would Jesus Blog? Not Like You Probably Thought

Announcing the release of my new ebook, How Would Jesus Blog? Answering Online Adversaries Jesus’ Way If you ...

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The “Whatever” Problem With “Jesus Never Excluded Anyone”

It came up again this weekend: a church leader saying, “We must not side with those in the church ...

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Staying Strong Under Fire: The Biblical Example You’ve Never Noticed Before

The Bible gives a clear example of how to keep yourself and others strong under fire — and ...

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Accordance 12 for Bible Study — Resources Right at Hand

Accordance Bible study software simplifies research, note-taking, and personal study, in addition to other helpful features to be ...

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We’re Too Used to Jesus — And We Miss a Lot For It

We’re too used to Jesus Christ, and we miss some of the most important things in his teachings ...

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Lord, Liar, Lunatic Trilemma: How the Accounts Prove the “Legend” Answer Fails, Too

I could use your help with a presentation I’m preparing. Read on to find out how. C. S. ...

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