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When Atheists Say, ‘I Read the Bible, That’s Why I’m An Atheist.’

Note to podcast listeners: The webinar I told you I would be on this weekend was postponed to ...

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Webinar on YouTube: Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?

Last night Drs. Timothy McGrew, Lydia McGrew, Jonathan McLatchie and I teamed up for a question-answer panel discussion ...

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COVID-19 and Life Under ‘House Arrest’: Lessons from Others Who’ve Been There

  Millions of us are under house arrest right now for nothing we did wrong. What can we ...

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50 Simple Questions for Christians: Strange Definitions

I’m running a weekly series at The Stream this year on Guy P. Harrison’s 50 Simple Questions for ...

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From Friend to Friend: My View on Lydia McGrew’s The Mirror or the Mask, and Why Mike Licona Won’t Want to Ignore It

This has been a tough one for me from the beginning. I write this blog post soberly and ...

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Why Do Preachers Make Jesus’ Foot-Washing Lesson Seem So Weird?

The streak continues. I heard another sermon this week on John 13, which opens with Jesus washing the ...

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Why Hebrews 11:1 Doesn’t Mean Faith Is Without Evidence

Edited and republished from a post on November 15, 2013. Jerry Coyne’s recent Slate article on science and ...

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On the Disagreement Between Lydia McGrew and Michael Licona Regarding Differences in the Gospels

Two friends of mine are in deep disagreement. Because it involves friends, it’s become one of the more ...

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“It’s In the Bible, So Believe It!” Won’t Help Youth At All

I’m on my way to Little Rock for an interview with FamilyLife about my book Critical Conversations: A ...

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