Rationality Undermines Religion? Yes, Maybe, and No

“Analytic Thinking Promotes Religious Disbelief.” So says recent research coming out of the University of British Columbia, reported in the prestigious journal Science. Even something as innocuous as viewing an image of Rodin’s Thinker seems to increase rational processing, which appears in turn to undermine belief. The story has been spun in multiple directions by […]

Ridiculous Atheistic Posturing

I’ve just spent weeks immersed in Sam Harris’s rants against “religion” and against “faith,” as I’ve been preparing to do some writing on him. I’ve been working with others who are writing on Dawkins’ diatribes against “religion” and “faith.” The late Christopher Hitchens has been on my mind recently; he says “religion” poisons everything. These […]

“Deepest Feelings” or Right and Wrong?

I didn’t catch this exactly enough to quote it all, but it went something like this. Mark Halperin was on one of the morning shows this morning, discussing the (apparently) surprising pushback the Obama administration has been getting this week, since announcing there would be only narrow exceptions to the new federal requirement that insurers […]

Ready, Set, Re-Engineer Our Children!

The old school house isn’t what it used to be—especially if your child’s principal is a member of the National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP). If so, then he or she has helped sponsor a curriculum that you need to know about. It’s called “Ready, Set, Respect!” Its ostensible mission, as presented on its first few pages, is […]

Do Atheists’ Actions Have Any Connection To Their Beliefs?

  Watch at video.foxnews.comRichard Dawkins (about 2:25): What I do think is that there is some logical connection between believing in God and doing some, sometimes, evil things, but there’s no logical connection between them [Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot] being atheists and doing evil things. It’s just incidentally true that, say, Mao Zedong and […]