Naturalistic Atheism Is An Extraordinarily Strange and Unlikely Worldview

The other day I listed 50 facts and features of reality that Christianity explains better than any other worldview I know of. Every worldview has a way of explaining these 50 things, but only Christianity does so without having to force-fit these facts into its philosophy. Other worldviews take one or more of them to be unreal in […]

What Shall We Make of This Glory?

I’ve just been treated to my first view of Orion and the Pleiades this year: it was the unanticipated benefit of rising early on a very clear morning. They are my favorite constellations, one of them for being so bold and distinct, the other for being so delicate and small. The whole sky is resplendent: […]

Dawkins’s Aesthetic Argument for Evolution

An “aesthetic argument for evolution”–I hope it’s obvious to you, just by looking at it that this is self-contradictory. When arguing from some fact to a worldview, one ought to be pointing toward a worldview that can accommodate the fact. Richard Dawkins apparently takes an aesthetic argument as valid, yet as reported by Matt and […]

“Apprehending Beauty”

For those of us who have debated whether morality is objective, this blog post takes it to another level: beauty is objective, too. One reader, responding to Gene Veith’s post on Aesthetics & American Idol, writes, “Learning to subjectively like what is objectively good at first bounced off of my 3am quick-read blog-scan. But then […]